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Assoziationen, for two pianos (2011)

Variations on Motives From the Balkans, for viola solo (2012)

Four Poems by Cesaric, for flute, harp, soprano and cello (2012)

Prisma, trio version for vibraphone, celesta and piano (2012)

Prisma, ensemble version for 18 musicians (2012)

En attendant... , for 13 female voices (2013)

4-4-3-2, for big band (2013) (Jazz)

Piano Quartet (2013)

Wind Quintet (2014)

Fragment from Silent Enemy, Soundtrack, for ensemble (2014)

Free Yourself, popsong (2014)

Opus Taiviennese, for bamboo flute, pipa, violin and cello (2015)

Nebula, for large orchestra, short version (2015)

Suchstuff, music and sound design for a short film of the same name (2016)

Music and sound design for the scenic sketch Vineta - the sunken city (J. Soyfer) (2017)

Nebula, extended version in two different orchestral formations (2017)

Allotropes, for 13 musicians (2017)

Rera, for violin and cello (2018)

Earlier works are omitted.




Free Yourself, lyrics (2014)

Studies on Ravel's Instrumentation and own Orchestration of "La vallée des cloches" in His Style (2014)

Spontaneity and Interaction in the Improvisation of the Last Bill Evans Trio (1979-80), As Well As Own Improvisations in the Style of Bill Evans (2016)


Marko Markus - Works - Nebula for orchestra, fragment


Marko Markus - Nebula for orchestra, fragment